Health blog posts of the week, ending November 5, 2010

Here are the top posts from this past week, based on the number of times they were viewed.

1. Doctors are quietly opting out of medicine. The following is a true story that occurred well before healthcare moved to its national platform, leaving uncertainty in its wake.

2. If there’s a doctor on board, please ring your call button! Recently, I was somewhere over Saskatchewan, returning from a lovely Mediterranean cruise, in that uncomfortable semi-conscious state that passes for sleep when you’re flying coach, when the airplane’s PA system rang out.

3. Spanking your kids and corporal punishment. A study published in Pediatrics recently found that 65% of parents to 3 year-olds said they had spanked their child within the last month.

4. 10 things you need to know before surgery and during the hospital stay. I was a little more in disbelief when he informed me I had to have open heart surgery the next day.

5. What would you do if you had a year left to live? Say yes to life! And just say no to anything that drains it away from you.