Can you really kill a man by gluing his anus shut?

A recently reported method of torturing gay men in Iraq sounds horrifying.

Andrew Sullivan points to an article that spares no graphic details: “. . . anti-gay Shiite death squads are sealing their anuses with a powerful glue, then inducing diarrhea, which leads to a painful and agonizing death.”

But, can someone really die from this novel form of torture?

Emergency physician Shadowfax has his doubts. …

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Ways you can die from having sex

Cosmo Magazine, that bastion of reliable medical advice, declares, “An orgasm almost killed her.”

Intrigued, gynecologist Amy Tuteur reads further, and finds its about case where a woman developed stroke-like symptoms after intercourse, and was diagnosed with an embolic stroke.

The patient was taking the birth control pill, which can raise the risk of blood clots. In this case, it was also combined with the presence of …

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