As a physician fighting coronavirus, I am angry

I am angry.

I am going to be working to care for patients to the best of my ability. But will continue to be angry.

Angry at the lack of resources we seem to have access to.

Angry at the lack of testing supplies we have.

Angry at the social isolation that I and others will feel in these coming weeks.

Angry that we could have done so much better and so much more to prepare.

Angry that a virus will unnecessarily kill people due to overburdening of the health care system.

Angry at the media who caused hysteria among all, except the people that really needed to be.

The only people that should have been “panicking” and over-preparing are our government officials and health care organizations.

I am angry that, as a physician, I am dumbfounded about our lack of preparedness.

Our lack of appropriate protocols.

Our lack of information and support in our workplaces.

Our lack of urgency.

I am appalled that we work in a system where we feel that the appropriate pieces will be in place, and they clearly are not.

So yes, I think everyone should continue to stay calm. Focus on your health. Focus on stress reduction. Stay home and take care of your loved ones.

But, if we as doctors don’t show our anger at our poor excuse of a health care system at this time, then we will fail. And our patients will suffer.

The author is an anonymous hospitalist.

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