KevinMD media mentions, December 2011

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1. Five Reasons Why Physicians Need to Use Social Media. Healthworks Collective.
Physician participation in social media is a health care imperative according to Dr. Kevin Pho, a practicing internist and the founder of, a leading online health portal; however, many physicians remain skeptical about the value of social media.

2. Dr. Kevin Pho: Internal Medicine Physician and Social Media Expert. Other Doctors.
Let’s start at the beginning … when and why did you decide to become a doctor?

3. Doctors’ legal remedies can defeat online attacks. American Medical News.
Some physicians, such as New Hampshire internist Kevin Pho, MD, believe legal action is the wrong answer to curb negative Internet reviews and blogs.

“In general, I can’t think of a time where a lawsuit would be tremendously effective. The negative publicity and the fallout from the lawsuit is far worse than the initial issue,” said Dr. Pho, who writes a physician-focused blog on health and social media called “It’s a better idea to take charge of your online presence.”

4. How Doctors Are Using Social Media to Connect With Patients. US News & World Report.
“These are powerful, tremendously influential tools,” says internist Kevin Pho of Nashua, N.H., a popular medical blogger who engages with his patients via Facebook and Twitter. “Doctors should be taking advantage of the opportunity.”

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