Post Author: Kara Wada, MD

Kara Wada is a board-certified academic adult and pediatric allergy, immunology, and lifestyle medicine physician, Sjogren’s patient, certified life coach, TEDx speaker, and Dr. Midwest 2023. She can be reached at Dr. Kara Wada and on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She is a national expert, sought-after speaker, advisor, and host of the Becoming Immune Confident Podcast. She is CEO and founder, The Crunchy Allergist and the Virtual Sjogren’s Summit, and serves as the director of clinical content for Aila Health.

Because of everything Dr. Kara learned and went through as a patient, she has made it her mission to use her privilege as a physician to help us all navigate our health and wellness more effectively and efficiently. 

She regularly speaks on:

  • How to improve patient and physician satisfaction
  • How to ensure your patients feel seen, heard, and believed
  • Using lifestyle to improve immune system health

She practices at Ohio State University and serves as associate fellowship program director. 

Dr. Kara is available for speaking opportunities. Please contact her for inquiries.