Words matter: Definitions ground us in our profession and in our world [PODCAST]

“Definitions ground us in our profession and in our world. Definitions matter because they help us pause, give our body a moment to settle, and our breath time to move in and out. Our racist actions, inactions, and comments are invasive throughout our waking hours, but we can change them if we can define them.

Racist. Anti-racist. Microaggression. Institutional racism. Don’t let the words keep you tense. Let’s move forward together and breathe.”

Joy Eberhardt De Master is a pediatrician.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “Racist. Anti-racist. Microaggression. Institutional racism. The power of a definition.”

The opinions in this podcast are those of the guest and not of her employer, Kaiser Permanente.

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