Do doctors make great entrepreneurs? [PODCAST]

“We in medicine are experts in delayed gratification. We’ve been in school for what, about 21 years before residency? Then we finally become an attending.  Then we can splurge a little. But still, we were told to hold back. Live like a resident.

This is a great skill to have as an entrepreneur. Their world is tough. Countless working hours, low pay, myriad emotions, and a light at the end of the tunnel. Sounds just like residency, right?

Now I know the idea of doing another residency doesn’t sound that great, but it’s possible. You’ve already survived one. Many even more than one or a fellowship. You have the power to do another if you wanted.”

Pranay Parikh is a hospitalist and can be reached at his self-titled site, Pranay Parikh.

He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD articles, “Doctors make bad entrepreneurs” and “Doctors make great entrepreneurs.”

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