This video makes the case that we must stand up for doctors

The concept of burnout is malicious and dangerous. Terminology like that removes blame from enormous structures that systematically cause harm and put fault onto the victim.

It says: “No, the health care system isn’t inhumane, you just aren’t strong enough to handle it.” That word makes physicians doubt themselves and each other, hating themselves for not being “strong” or “tough” enough in a system meant to provide compassion and care.

This video makes the case that we must stand up for doctors, and against the human rights abuses that take place throughout medical education and practice. Doctors (and nurses) are, as much as we might feel opposed to this, the good guys. They’re humanitarians who want to help. They’ve been placed in the sickest industry on this planet which is, indeed, health care.

Words in the video adapted from article by Pamela Wible, MD.

Jamie Katuna is a medical student.

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