KevinMD posts of the week, ending March 13, 2011

Here are the top posts from this past week, based on the number of times they were viewed.

1. Primary care physicians are rebelling against the system. The system has made primary care physicians suffer emotionally and financially.

2. What is a difficult patient, and how doctors may be responsible. Doctors can tell many tales of what they term as a difficult encounter. Just as many patients can recall doctors whom they would say are difficult to work with as well.

3. EMR, a patient’s perspective. My oncologist implemented a new EMR system when I was in the middle of chemo. My experience with him changed dramatically.

4. 5 ways I use my iPad at pediatric point of care. The iPad has been an amazing device to adapt and use with my families.

5. Understanding patient violence against health care workers. Clearly, we must do better protecting those charged with healing the sick.