recent media mentions, January 2011

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HemeOncToday: Social media and physicians: A good pair, but guidelines for use needed

“We needed a way for physicians to offer commentary quickly for patients to know how medical news affects them,” Pho told HemeOnc Today. “Whenever a drug is recalled or there are changes in cancer screening recommendations, for example, I can provide that context on my blog, which can be dynamically updated at the speed of news break.”

Doctor’s Digest: A Day in the Office

For example, Kevin Pho, MD, says Twitter has greatly expanded the reach of his well-known blog. The result? “More people read what I write, and are more interested in seeing me as a doctor or interested in what I have to say,” says Dr. Pho, an internist in Nashua, N.H. He emphasizes that he doesn’t give personal medical advice or direct messages online because of privacy concerns. “There is potential for doctors to become more visible, but of course there are risks,” he cautions.

Massachusetts Medical Law Report: Managing the risks of practicing telemedicine

“[Telemedicine] has a lot of potential for managing chronic diseases,” such as diabetes or hypertension, said Kevin M. Pho, a Nashua, N.H., internist and publisher of, one of the most widely read medical-affairs blogs. “These aren’t conditions where you necessarily have to see a patient face-to-face all the time, and you can do a lot of patient management via videoconference, the phone or e-mail.”