The Vanishing Oath is a film patients must see

I recently watched The Vanishing Oath, a physician-directed documentary detailing the challenges impeding doctors to best care for their patients.


It follows the travels of Ryan Flesher, MD, an emergency physician who took time off and traveled the country talking to university economists, an Emergency Medicine trailblazer, a malpractice attorney, medical academics, a divinity professor, current physicians, former physicians about what ails our health system.


Here’s a video excerpt:


the vanishing oathThis is an important film. Physicians are burnt out, a phenomenon that starts early in training, and doesn’t improve after doctors leave residency.

With the effects of health reform approaching, already scarce primary care doctors are bracing for an influx of over 30 million newly insured patients.

But regular readers of already know that. Dr. Flesher illustrates the problems already well known among the medical community.

It’s more important that our patients see this film. There’s little public understanding of the obstacles that impede a physician’s professional life. Aside from reading physician blogs, this documentary realistically looks at the odds stacked against doctors today. At the time when they’re needed most, they’re instead being driven from the profession.

Doctors strive to best care for their patients. After watching The Vanishing Oath, it’s clear why that is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

The Vanishing Oath is available for sale on May 10, 2010 on its website. Highly recommended.