Post Author: Stephanie Waggel, MD

Stephanie Waggel, MD

Stephanie Waggel is a physician and founder, Improve Medical Culture. She can be reached on Twitter @imedicalculture, Facebook, and Instagram

At her clinic, Improve Life PLLC, she helps adolescents, young adults, and women treat anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress, OCD, ADHD, and self-esteem issues.

Dr. Waggel is also a mother, cancer survivor, author, marathon runner, motivational speaker, and teacher. She has lived in the Washington, DC area for over ten years and enjoys serving the community. She has worked in health care in five countries and is overall very familiar with many cultures.

Dr. Waggel works to decrease the stigma of mental illness that is present in our society. She was filmed for the movie Do No Harm which focuses and discusses abuse in the medical education system and has been asked to speak for various organizations such as Public Citizen, Care2, and One Story. Her story was chronicled in the KevinMD articles, “Hospital fires doctor for having cancer” and “The doctor fired for having cancer speaks up.”

She is a member, Postpartum Support International, with a focus on perinatal mental health, and offers internship programs for high school students, college students, and medical students.