Millennials are the ones who will fix health care


I’m entitled and lazy
A whiny little baby
I’m a disgraceful human in general
Because I am a millennial

And people say we are the worst
Always putting ourselves first
We should get a real job and settle down
But our priorities are reversed

Every old generation
Thinks the new one is mistaken
And so every new generation
Is made fun of and hated
This old adage has been true for ages so
Just embrace it
Because we dictate the future
We are powerful – don’t waste it

To my fellow future healers
Motivated idealistic dreamers
We see a steep uphill battle
That promises to defeat us

As we dedicate our lives to health
Getting ruled by a system ruled by wealth
Turns us into machines used to churn out profit
Harming ourselves to keep the Hippocratic promise

The entire healthcare system has problems
And it’s gonna take some
millennial-level stubbornness
To stop ‘em

Good thing we got it
Plus the timing it is flawless
We enter this world at a time
Where medicine is greedy abusive corrupt lawless

It’s at a breaking point
It leaves us with no choice
We can stand by and watch it fall apart
Or we can step in and raise our voice

Which do you choose?
Jaded compliance at all the abuse
Or actions that you can look back on with pride
‘Cause you gave all your best in all your pursuits

Yeah – This system sucks
And it is not “because” of us
But we’re here now so we’re responsible
To fix it up

It is right to disobey wrong rules
It’s courageous to stand up to bullies.
Change happens when we challenge the norm
This is in our power, fully.

Jamie Katuna is a medical student.  She can be reached on Facebook.


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