10 Medicare posts you may have missed

With entries dating back to 2004, here are 10 classic blog posts on Medicare:

1. Hospitals lose money by preventing patient re-admissions

2. Covering a virtual colonoscopy, or not, will test the cost-cutting will of Medicare

3. Medicare now requires physician essays for hospice care, as if pre-authorizations weren’t bad enough

4. Why hospitalized Medicare patients get re-admitted so frequently

5. Once you hit Medicare age, good luck finding a primary care doctor

6. What happens if the safety net clinics start refusing to see Medicare or Medicaid patients?

7. Medicare will not cover virtual colonoscopies, gastroenterologists breathe a sigh of relief

8. Medicare covers more cancer drugs, did they cave in to the pharmaceutical lobby?

9. Op-ed: Medicare’s mistake

10. Does Medicare secretly want pay for performance to fail?

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