MedGadget takes on universal health care

They come out firing both barrels:

Recently, Gov. Schwarzenegger announced his plan to provide universal coverage for health care and declared a war on physicians. We were shocked and appalled to learn that the Governator actually wants to penalize us, clinical providers, with a 2% gross revenue tax that will hit MDs with high operating costs especially hard. His action comes at a time when we are already experiencing unprecedented levels of loss of economic liberties and an ever increasing regulation of our profession.

Even more alarming is the acceptance with which this plan, and others like it, are supported by many of our fellow physicians, politicians and the media. Supporters of universal health care–i.e. socialized medicine–would have us believe that countries like Canada and Sweden provide superior care under their government controlled system. Furthermore, they would like to shame us for being ‘the only advanced country without universal health care.’ Yet, where does the world come for its health care? America.

GruntDoc with a concurring response:

American healthcare is very American, in that it’s terrifically accommodating, has astounding abilities and also unfortunately is subject to the “I want it now and I’ll pay for it later (sucker)” mentality, and socialism in a country with no barriers to insist on More, Now scares the hell out of me.

So, count me out on Socialized Medicine / Single Payor.

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