Migrating to WordPress, down for maintenance

There will be no posts over the next few days, as the blog will migrate to WordPress.

Furthermore, comments will be temporarily turned off to ensure all of them make the transfer.

With over 19,000+ posts, at least twice as many comments, and close to 500 MB of data, it’s a major undertaking.

When it re-emerges, expect an updated look, better functionality, and improved navigation. The most dramatic changes will be “under the hood,” so to speak, as WordPress is a more robust platform that will give me the flexibility I need to take the blog to the next level.

In the meantime, you can follow me @KevinMD on Twitter, or on the MedPage Today Blog.

Also, here are some “best of” lists of posts that you can catch up on.

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See you all on the other side in a few days.

Update 5/22:

As you can see, we’re almost there.  Some rough edges that will be smoothed out this weekend.  Thank you all for your patience.