Who’s ranked above a full professor at Harvard?


So says famed Harvard psychiatrist Joseph Biederman during a deposition investigating whether his drug research results were biased in favor of his funder’s interests. Was his research supporting the use of antipsychotic medications in children with bipolar disorder tainted?

Certainly, in light of recent events, combined with the pressure on academic physicians to produce studies, established research is now being called into question.

Dr. Biederman probably doesn’t come off as the most humble person in the world, and indeed, it’s academic doctors like these that reinforce the perception of arrogance that pervades the medical profession.

But in any case, Daniel Carlat, the psychiatrist who often rails against pharmaceutical industry influence, is a somewhat unlikely person to come to his defense, saying, “scientifically, I continue to respect him and I believe that he ultimately has the best interests of his patients at heart.”