Sicko: Do I hear bingo?

Exactly what I’ve been saying all along:

If you go see Michael Moore’s “Sicko” you will probably leave the theater wondering why nobody ever presents the other side of the story. Most people agree that Moore’s critique of American health care is not just right, but his answers are seriously off-base. I mean, c’mon — CUBA, for Pete’s sake?

Moore’s premise — that over-reliance on Third Party Payers results in bureaucratic interference in medicine — is sound. But his remedy — to create one colossal Third Party Payer in the federal government — will only make the existing problems that much worse.

Grace-Marie Turner with more:

Moore has also been doing the TV interview circuit, and one question he was asked seemed to get to the heart of his incongruity. An interviewer for FoxNews asked why he would be calling for a health care system run by government when he is so opposed to government in the first place. “Good question,” Moore responds. He then uses the opportunity to slam the Bush administration, saying that government used to do things right before the current administration took over.

Exactly when was it that we had that perfect government?

Today, it is overwhelmed just trying to issue passports. Could any government magically run an infinitely more complex health care system for 300 million Americans?