Dr. Anna Pou: The arrest warrant

More details can be found here. Here is an excerpt:

. . . T.M., Nurse Executive and Director of Education for Lifecare Hospitals, advised affiant that on Thursday, September 1, 2005, conditions at Memorial Medical Center had deteriorated. Lifecare patients were located on three floors awaiting evacuation. There were several patients remaining on the seventh floor of Memorial Medical Center. That morning, Dr. Pou came up to the seventh floor and told T.M. that the patients remaining on the seventh floor were probably not going to survive. Dr. Pou told T.M. that “a decision had been made to administer lethal doses” to these patients. T.M. asked Dr. Pou “Lethal doses of what?” T.M. does not recall exactly what Dr. Pou said, but T.M. believes that Dr. Pou replied morphine and ativan. T.M. asked Dr. Pou if she was just talking about Lifecare patients and Dr. Pou responded that was not the case and that they (meaning Lifecare staff) were not involved in this at all. Dr. Pou stated that “there was no telling how far it would go.” Dr. Pou further advised T.M. that nurses were coming from another part of the hospital to assist Dr. Pou. Dr. Pou made it clear that Lifecare had nothing to do with this. T.M. was advised that Dr. Pou and these nurses were taking responsibility for the patients and that Lifecare staff should leave. T.M. told Dr. Pou that it would take a little while to round up all of the Lifecare staff and get them off of the floor. As T.M. was rounding up the Lifecare staff, she saw two people on the floor who she did not know, but assumed them to be the nurses that would assist Dr. Pou. T.M. left the floor at this time with K.J., D.R., and S.H. They went to the second floor and attempted to check on the Lifecare patients remaining on the second floor, but they were advised by three or four Memorial Medical Center staff that they could not enter that area . . .

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