The 8-hour physical exam

Newsweek writes about concierge practices. Here are some of the “perks”:

For a $5,000 annual fee, Blanchard provides Perenic with a yearly three-hour physical, same-day appointments and his personal cell number. Blanchard also calls on Perenic at work to monitor his blood pressure . . .

. . . The Cooper Clinic in Dallas, whose tab is $3,000 for an eight-hour physical exam, has seen its client base grow 45 percent in the last four years.

. . . At Dr. Dan Cosgrove’s WellMax clinic in southern California, patients pay up to $9,000 for what may be the most exhaustive physical examination available outside of a medical examiner’s office. For three days, WellMax patients get routine tests and blood work, as well as more esoteric exams that measure cognitive function, plaque buildup and genetic vulnerabilities to heart disease or cancer.

An eight-hour physical? How comprehensive can you be? I wouldn’t know what to do for eight hours with a single patient.