A cartoon guide to 10 types of physician blogs

So, doctor bloggers, which category do you fit into?

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A cartoon guide to 10 types of physician blogs

(via A Cartoon Guide to Being a Doctor)

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  • http://secondbasedispatch.com Jackie Fox

    You know how we all say LOL? This time I really did. Fun stuff–thank you!

  • L.

    Dr. Judgmental: “Patients are scum.” “I hate that I have to provide care to patients who don’t deserve it.” “Today a drunk patient came into the ED and was wearing underwear of which I did not approve. She is damned forever. I decree it. She is not worthy of my compassion.” “Today a sweet young child came in with both her parents. They attend my church. They are worthy. I am compassionate to them because they deserve it.” So sayeth the Lord our Doctor/God.

    Don’t have to travel far to find these blogs. They abound in the ether.

    I have found much to admire in the writings of many physicians on the blogs – and much that disgusts me. Still, it’s good to have the curtain pulled back a bit. I appreciate the knowledge that not all doctors care. And, that some care very much more than I realized. I am more wary now, more cautious, more questioning. That is, I believe, a good thing.

  • http://expatdoctormom.com/ Rajka Milanovic Galbraith

    Funny! I could take offense to the Dr Mommy blogger cartoon but I won’t.

    My Dr. mom blog/website is vary different from posting about my kids. It is meant for the general public, anyone anywhere!

    Good stuff though!

  • http://www.myheartsisters.org Carolyn Thomas

    LOL, too. Except for Dr. Whiny (examples of this category seem compelled to leave comments here on KevinMD for some inexplicable reason…)

    But the cartoonist has missed a category of docblogs: the really good, interesting, helpful, informative, and (most important) actually WELL WRITTEN ones. I’ve found lots of these – they are a delight when patients discover them.

  • http://http//healthtrain.blogspot.com Gary Levin MD

    Kevin, I love it !! I placed myself somewhere between Dr Political, and Dr. No longer a Doctor.. My partner is “Cutting Though the Cra” by my friend , Dr Schwab, the agnostic

  • http://www.sharayurkiewicz.com/ Shara Yurkiewicz

    Haha, love it. I’m still a naive first year, so my blog is Dr. Miracle all the way. I get way too excited when I see patients once a week.


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