Doctors gone wild II:

Washington County deputies have let a Parkersburg doctor know he could face charges for allegedly punching a patient early last month.

Investigators say 48-year old Dr. Donald Kiser denied a Kentucky man a new prescription for pain medication at his clinic.

They go on to say the doctor of Osteopathic medicine escorted the man outside the clinic and that’s when the man swung his fist at the doctor.

The doctor ducked, punched back, and knocked the man to the ground.

Both are facing disorderly conduct charges.

Although I think that the physician was acting in self-defense after refusing a pain prescription – many would have done the same thing after being attacked.

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  • Anonymous

    IF the facts in this very short TV news clip are accurate, the doc has a perfect self-defense claim.

    Self defense, if valid, is a justification defense. A justification defense means the action is justified, i.e., there’s no crime. Civil damages for assault should also be available.

  • Anonymous

    You gotta take the patients punches like a man. Take the punch (or kick) call the cops. One less patient to dispo. It’s called “taking one for the team”. Plus it’s unlikely a patient who assaults you will be able to sue you.

  • Josh

    My osteopathic medical school doesn’t offer a self-defense course, maybe this will help them see the light. I want to be able to use my Littmann like nunchuku.

  • Anonymous

    We had Prison guards come in to my residency and lecture us on self-defense. One of the best lectures we had.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great idea! My 13 y.o. daughter is a blue belt (2 ranks away from a black belt) in Judo. I’ll schedule a lecture/demo for our hospital staff.

  • Doug

    Just as an update to this Dr. He is now under federal indictment for many things, see this link. Very bad doctor. My wife had a bad run in with him.

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