The VIGOR authors to the NEJM – “Bite me“:

The letters come two months after the editors of The New England Journal of Medicine published their first “expression of concern” about the November 2000 article, sharply criticizing Merck “” and, implicitly, the outside scientists who were co-authors “” for failing to present a complete picture of Vioxx’s heart risks.

In their letter yesterday, the outside scientists strongly disagreed. They said that the journal’s concerns were misguided and that the article in 2000 had adequately disclosed Vioxx’s risks. “Our original article followed appropriate clinical trial principles and does not require a correction,” the scientists wrote.

And the Journal fires back. That’s good theatre.

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  • Anonymous

    So Kevin,

    What’s your opinion on it? You’re the grand poobah of this site.

  • Anonymous

    Drug companies hiding data from the public, wining and dining doctors, and regulators unable or unwilling to protect the public… The question for the drug industry is whether they have permanently destroyed or merely damaged public trust?
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  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to thank the NEJM and the lawyer sharks for making investing in the stock market so easy. I covered my Merck Short this AM for a $1000 gain in 2 days. I’ll be shorting again next week if Merck has any good news and goes up again. Then Mark Lanier should help kick the stocks ass again!

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