A physician who treated bin Ladin says he would treat anyone. “Aziz bristled when asked whether he knew the al-Qaida leader’s whereabouts.

‘I have no idea, and I couldn’t care less,’ he said. ‘If you treat somebody just once, you don’t become his doctor. The majority of the people in the world hate George Bush, and if I was asked to treat him, I would do that. I have taken a Hippocratic oath. I can’t refuse treatment to anyone.’”

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  • Samson Isberg

    Isn’t this the way it should be done? I mean, I have actually delivered babies where the father was a lawyer, in fact (once) where the mother was a lawyer! So where’s the problem with treating Osama bin Laden’s hemorrhoids?

  • Anonymous

    I agree. We treat everyone, even trial lawyers. They also always have an indication for a rectal exam.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t treat trial lawyers; I’m not a Veterinarian.

  • kateykakes

    Anonymous 4:08.

    THAT was freaking hysterical. :)

    Thanks for the much needed laugh.

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