Beginning of the end: Medicare is cutting its reimbursement rates. “Final federal rules issued Wednesday will cut Medicare’s reimbursement rates for doctors next year by 4.4 percent while increasing payments for most hospitals by at least 3.7 percent.”

In a fee-for-service system, what will this do? See more patients, order more tests. The squeeze continues.


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  • Anonymous

    It means less seniors able to find a doctor. It means more crowded emergency rooms.

    The article says it will enhance preventative care by giving more reimbursements to hospitals. Hospitals are the antithesis of preventative care. Explain that one.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that we will wake up and just refuse to contract with health insurance companies in the future. We set our fees, the patient pays or arranges for a payment plan and then he sorts things out with his insurance company.
    But it has to get worse before we will finally realize that you cannot compromise with the devil and pretend that you are a victim.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you wish that you hadn’t blown your legislative wad backing Bush’s tort reform proposals?


  • Greg P

    I agree with Anonymous. No, not that one, the other Anonymous. No, not that one, the other other Anonymous.

    Doctors have already begun limiting the portion of their practice with Medicare patients, and especially for the low-paying specialties and procedures.

  • Greg P

    In the end, I guess we’ll stop seeing all patients, make commentary on blogs and collect the ad revenue.

  • Anonymous


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