The choking game: A doctor explains why people suffocate themselves to get high. “People have lots of ways they try to suffocate themselves. They prevent themselves from inhaling new oxygen into their lungs or they cut off the blood flow to the brain, either way starving the brain of oxygen. Once someone does inhale, it makes them momentarily high.

The problem is, when the brain goes without oxygen, permanent damage immediately sets in.”

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  • Loni

    Thank you for posting on this. I hope in the future you can share more in detail – the risks, in blunt terms, how MANY kids are doing this, how quickly they can die, etc. Parents, kids, teachers, just do not realize how much this is going around. We homeschool our children, yet our 16 year old son learned of this and died on December 11, 2004. We are still in survival mode. It’s been tough, yet we want to reach out and share, so other families do not go through this same heartbreak, and a life in not ended so soon. Keep this in your blog. THANK YOU!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know quite how to ask this. I do this choking game. I am trying to stop, but it is addictive. I wish I’d never started….but I wanted to know, is there any way to do this that is safe? I was using a belt or cord to hang myself from a doorknob or curtain rod or somewhere else and then getting out of the noose right as I pass out or right before. Is there a way to do it, like by putting your head in a pillow, that is safer? I have been told even this isn’t safe, but I wanted the perspective of a doctor.

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