Post Author: Sarah Samaan, MD

Sarah Samaan, MD

Sarah Samaan is a retired cardiologist and a Master Certified Physician Development Coach. She can be reached at Mindful Physician Coaching and LinkedIn. She is the author of DASH Diet for Dummies.

As a 1988 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine graduate, Dr. Samaan practiced cardiology for over 27 years. She retired in 2022 with the intention of pursuing her other life passions, including studying the arts and competing in the equestrian sport of dressage.

Dr. Samaan served as the chief of medicine and chief of cardiology at busy hospitals in her community. She was also a physician partner at the Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital in Plano, TX.

She authored three nationally acclaimed books for the lay public, including the most recent edition of DASH Diet for Dummies, which is now in its second edition.

Dr. Samaan is currently enrolled as a full-time Bachelor of Fine Arts student and plans to pursue a master’s degree in fine arts. She hopes to teach the humanities to medical students and others in health care. Additionally, Dr. Samaan is a registered yoga teacher.