Post Author: Jay K. Joshi, MD

Jay K. Joshi, MD

Jay K. Joshi is a family physician and author of Burden of Pain: A Physician’s Journey through the Opioid Epidemic. He is also the editor-in-chief of Daily Remedy, which is on Facebook, YouTube, X @TheDailyRemedy, Instagram @TheDailyRemedy_official, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Daily Remedy was founded in 2020. It has quickly transformed into a trusted source of editorialized health care content for patients and health care policy experts. Readership includes federal policymakers and physician executives who lead the largest health care systems in the nation.

All Daily Remedy articles incorporate a blend of health care policy, behavioral economics, and medical research to provide unique insights on the trending health care topics of the day. We believe patients and the general public are intelligent enough to see beyond the rehashed content found in most health care articles online. We take pride in providing comprehensive, insightful analyses in our articles that are often unavailable for public consumption. Hence the phrase, “Empowering Patients, Educating the Public.”

Daily Remedy incorporates a blend of articles, podcasts, and surveys that provide multiple modalities for readers to understand health care issues in greater depth.

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