Post Author: Beth Boynton, RN, MS, CP

Beth Boynton, RN

Beth Boynton is a nurse consultant and author specializing in research, training, and writing about emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork, and complexity leadership. She’s a pioneer in developing medical improv as a teaching modality for health care professionals and the founder, Boynton Improv Education. Find out more about upcoming open events, videos, and articles related to medical improv. She can also be reached on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Her current work primarily focuses on teaching health care and mental health care leaders how to use a “YES AND” philosophy and simple experiential activities from improv for staff, team, leadership, and organizational development. She believes that training leaders to integrate these activities into ongoing meetings can provide continuous practice and enhance outcomes in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Signature workshops:

Game-Changing Experiential Activities for Interdisciplinary Team Development

“YES AND” 101 for Healthcare & Mental Healthcare Visionaries

Medical Improv for Interprofessional Students and Faculty (with ImprovTalk)

The Gift of Presence: An Experiential Approach to Skillful Communication (with Korabek Training)