Educating the public on the malpractice crisis

Bravo. Physicians are using big-screen TVs in their waiting rooms to warn and educate patients on the impending physician shortage:

One 60-second spot describes a scarcity of radiologists in the Bronx who are willing to perform mammograms because liability costs are too high. The message aims to change the way patients think about malpractice, doctors said, adding that by airing the advertisements they aim to shore up legislative support, and to inform patients that higher insurance costs could mean they’ll have to pay higher fees.

“I don’t think it’s going to keep anyone from suing, but I think the public has to know where the health care dollars are going,” a Manhattan internist, Dr. Margaret Lewin, said. “My objective is to educate the patient as to what’s going on politically, so if they can join us in making some changes that would be terrific,” Dr. Lewin, who is president of the New York County Medical Society, said.

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