Will Vioxx make a comeback in the wake of the Texas verdict?

“After August’s $253 million verdict against Merck & Co. in the nation’s first Vioxx-related civil trial, Lisa Stringer is worried that the loss will stop the company from bringing the only painkiller that gives her relief back to the market.

Stringer, 38, of Chicago, suffers from a spinal condition that causes nerve pain, particularly in her hands. She lives with pain all the time and gets little relief from other drugs.

She is saving her last three, precious Vioxx tablets for the really bad days.

‘Some people say other drugs work just as well, but they don’t understand pain,’ Stringer said in a telephone interview from her Chicago home in August. ‘Mentally, you want something else to work, so if there is some psychosomatic thing, then it should work. But other drugs don’t.'”

Sorry to tell Ms. Stringer, but the chances of Vioxx coming back on the market is next to nil.