Reasons people use to refill pain meds early

How true is this list? Pretty true, as I’ve heard all of them used.

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  • PharmacistMike

    I love the #1 reason. I had an acquaintance call me to ask if a primatine mist inhaler had alcohol in it that would set off a breath analyzer. Evidently, he had one placed in his car and had to use it to start the car. One study indicated that the inhaler could give a false reading if tested right after using the inhaler. Well, in his case he had set of the breath analyzer many times and in no relationship to the inhaler use so he is now sitting back in jail….but could you write my probation officer a letter about the inhaler he asked.

  • Diana Lee

    That list is such a good reminder to us patients that care providers hear a lot of BS every single day.

    I certainly don’t appreciate being treated like a drug seeker, but I also know how to minimize the chances that a knowledgeable, compassionate care provider will see me as one by being responsible and honest.

    I use a few different types of pain medication, and I’ve never had anything on that list happen to me. What are the chances?!

  • Anonymous

    i am taking loritabs 3times a day and i sometime admit that i may take an extra one if the pain is bad but i am in chronic pain I dont appreciate being treating like a addict i can see if you want a refill every ten days or fifteen days but i dont see the big deal if its 6 days early??? what if you are going out of town? or what if you had a bad month?? sometimes 3 a day doesnt always control the pain other times it does but when im in pain if i have to take 4 a day i will i am not gonna suffer and be miserable just because people take it for no damn reason i have a reason and shouldnot be placed under scrutiny every month I’ve gotten it filled 2 days early even 5 or 6 but what are you suppose to do if the day you are set to run out its a sunday?? you have to call on friday for a refill or wait til monday and suffer and as much as i pay for my health insurance i’m not gonna be suffering

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