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All angry right-wingers? “Maybe it’s an inevitable corollary: working in an ER turns people. Another possibility: people who lean loudest to the right are the ones who choose the job in the first place.”

On an unrelated note, Surgeonsblog looks to be closing down soon. The medical blogosphere loses another gifted writer.

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  • ERP

    Yes – I agree. Most ER blogs are right leaning (although I am more left of centre). I try to keep my blog more about stories than about rants. I think one gets beaten down with humanity seeing day in and day out abuse of our system. I think the important thing is to try to separate individuals from society in general – but it can be hard when you work in the ER.

  • Anonymous

    So what’s the postulated reason for angry left wingers who advocate for more and more government intervention to create “income equality on THIS site?

  • Bob Finlay

    As a physician assistant AND a recent patient, I got “mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore” and started a blog about medical costs. bobslistblog.blogspot.com
    Have a peek if you will.


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