A sleeping-pill "junkie"

Laurie Sandell: “Several times I had tried to quit by using sheer willpower: Usually by day three I gave in. “F””k it,” I would say aloud, twisting the cap off the bottle with force and tossing the pills into my mouth. I’d quit at some point in the future: when I didn’t need to get up early for work, when my life became more serene, when I had a husband and kids to take care of. But those things never materialized, and I never stopped.”

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  • feminizedwesternmale

    subtitled “A Glamour writer reveals how her secret addiction nearly killed her”

    I would expect no less from a Glamour writer. Afterall, hyperbole and dramatics sell in our society, why not for what is ultimately a self-limited problem.

    Most doctors can’t help but raise an eyebrow when hysterics drone on about their insomnia. They’ve lived the reality that if you’re tired enough, you will sleep

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