Lyme wars

Non-evidence-based therapies, such as months to years of antibiotics, are coming under fire.

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  • Anonymous

    fYou are ignorant to make a statement like that.

  • palczer

    I find your comment very distressing. I am a lyme patient who has been struggling for years and without antibiotics and all the other supplements … I think I would be dead. After 14 doctors … finally having to travel out of state to be diagnosed. Bitten out of the country and in different states. I think you deserve to read the INTERNATIONAL LYME DISEASE TREATMENT AND GUIDELINES. It will really help you learn what you obviously don’t know about Borrellia. I feel that the more physicians like yourself will only damage the lives of many other patients who will NOT RECEIVE enough antibiotics (like myself) and it will be extremely difficult to treat as a superbug. Cancer patients are treated with chemo and radiation … lyme patients are treated with antibiotics. Do you have a better treatment option. If you do, you have thousands of patients who will be only too happy to know at your door. There are genius doctors out there who actually take the time and effort to research and study the disease. Do not treat them as quacks! Praise them.

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