A family physician warns against "fast-food" mini-clinics

PCPs are starting to protect their turf against this growing trend. Malpractice lawsuits will kill off these clinics soon enough.

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  • Anonymous

    What makes you say that Kevin? Considering all the studies that show that how you treat your patients personally is a major predictor in whether they file suits, businesses that have extensive experience in customer service may do quite well. Given the amount of money they put in to studying how to best deliver their product to the public, I suspect they’ll do very well.

    Physicians might be able to learn something. Perish the thought!

  • Anonymous

    I would run a cash only mini med clinic in a heartbeat because anything that had potential for seriousness I would just send to the ER. I would feel pretty safe seeing people with benign “non diseases” that they see a doctor for – cold, sore throats, mosquito bites, etc…. You could rack up a lot of money giving out sugar pills with little risk on the malpracice side.

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