Bill Frist, gorilla surgeon

He does heart surgery on gorillas during his spare time:

Frist, at heart, is a doctor. At 5:45 a.m., before a recent Senate workday, he prepared for a quirky slice of surgery. During congressional breaks, Frist, 54, has been known to fly to Africa to operate. But in Washington, he has quietly cultivated another practice: gorillas at the National Zoo.

“These gorillas seem to develop heart disease,” said Frist (R-Tenn.). “It’s totally unknown. I did a lit search — nothing. The fact that we’re working on the edge of the unknown is fun.”

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  • John J. Coupal

    With cardiac surgery experience on those hairy ones, he’s now even more qualified to do the same on his 99 colleagues in that zoo.

  • Anonymous

    If he really wants to build his reputation, why doesn’t he volunteer time to indigent patients in this country?

  • Anonymous

    Anon 9:52, Gorillas don’t voice their complaints about the quality of free care given. They don’t call at 3 AM that they’re out of pain pills and Viagra. They don’t complain of panic attacks or having fibromyalgia. They’re not allergic to everything except Hydrocodone. They don’t ask for Z-pak for a cold. They don’t complain when you call them fat and ugly.

  • patch615

    they also dont ask you why American health care is in such a rut, or ask you what you as a congressman are going to do about it.

  • Anonymous

    American healthcare is in a rut? What does that even mean? Our physicians are doing a poor job? We have more mistakes? Maybe you mean, we die sooner? We spend so much on healthcare? We lead the least healthy lifestyles of almost any industrialized nation in the world and then wonder why we die sooner and why we spend more on healthcare?

    What do you know, when lead comparatively unhealthy lifestyles you have more health problems, you spend more for those problems, and then you keel over sooner. I mean com’n here, if we were wrestling say, ‘cost effective’ Sweden it’d be a Super-Super-Heavyweight versus a Lightweight.

    God, how does American healthcare lag so far behind? How is it in such a “rut”? Someone call the Hardy Boys.

    We wanna cut costs and improve the life expectancy in this country? The doctors aren’t going to be at the heart of that except as counselors – the country needs to put down the Big Mac and get on a treadmill.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like anonymous at 11:54 a.m. needs to get out of the healthcare industry. At least gorillas don’t need to worry about hack doctors who can’t even diagnose the most simple thing while still charging the patient for unnecessary tests and procedures and overprescribing medication. The doctors’ answer to everything for women seems to be synthetic/horse hormones and antidepressants, for men the answer is Viagra, and for kids it is Ritalin or Adderall. Instead of treating the actual problem, shove a pill at us and bill us a week’s wages for 15 minutes of your time. Then we get to pay again when we have to come back two weeks later for the same problem that you never fixed to begin with.

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