Some drug reps go over the line:

A weekly offer of coffee and bagels in exchange for two prescriptions a week was the last straw for Physician Assistant Carolyn Finocchiaco.

That was the recent pitch of one pharmaceutical drug seller to Finocchiaco, the associate clinical director of cholesterol management at Catholic Medical Center.

“She was back a week later and said, ‘Hey, you didn’t add those two scripts.’ Does she have a right to know that? I don’t think so,” Finocchiaco told a State Senate panel Wednesday.

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  • WilliamManginoMD

    The same thing went on in 1977, when I was a surgical intern. Is this something we are just discovering ?

    You took the first cup of coffee.Was the ‘rep’ that interesting that you couldn`t find someone else to relax with.

    At Albert Einstein Medical Center, in Philadelphia – in response to aggrevessive ‘detailing’ by drug reps for a new, at that time, antibiotic campaign – the residents and interns spent their own money and all decided to have printed these little pin-on buttons which we all wore on our white coats – naming the antibiotic and then under it we said:

    “No Specific Indications”


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