Illinois – tort reform = lower malpractice premiums:

Illinois’ largest medical malpractice insurer announced Wednesday it would reduce its physician policy holders’ average premiums by 5.2 percent for the upcoming policy year.

ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company officials credited recent litigation reforms for “modest” reductions in claims frequency and a relatively flat number of claims.

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  • Cutter in Illinois

    Yes, they may be lowering premiums, but not enough. If they were so high to begin with, the 5.2% decrease really doesn’t help that much. Oh well, at least it is the step in the right direction, at least they are not raising the rates. Now, if they just work on the reimbursement rates.

  • shadowfax

    And it probably has little to do with the actual reform. Here in Washington state, our malpractice went down 15% without reform. (woo-hoo! we’re now only up 400% over four years) The market is softening, and the insurance companies have re-accumulated their cash reserves. [sarcasm] Wonderful. [/sarcasm]

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