A prominent oncologist admits to falsifying data in a Lancet study. “Sudbo, 44, invented patients and case histories for a study of oral cancer that was published in the British medical journal the Lancet in October 2005, she said.

The Norwegian daily Dagbladet said that 250 of his sample of 908 people in the study all shared the same birthday.”

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  • Samson Isberg

    yes, dreadful, isn’t it? The fellow was one of the real .45 caliber guns in the small world of Norwegian cancer research, and nothing is so comforting to us smaller fish than when a big fish succumbs to his own appetites (makes us feel less envious).
    But then again, the guy must be close to suicide by now, and still the sharks keep tearing into his flesh, I’ll keep you posted how this ends up. Hopefully they will shelter him from the worst excesses of the establishment, because whatever he did, it does not carry the death penalty It transpires that the rich funding he has claimed to have received from the Norgwegian institutions doesn’t exist either, so this transgresses ordinary fraudulent bevahior and crosses the border into the land of the really warped minds.

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