Lastest service to be outsourced: Doctor visits. “The Gonzaleses are members of a Blue Shield of California HMO that provides all of the family’s nonemergency care in Mexico. They are among 20,000 California workers and their dependents in health plans that cost 40 to 50 percent less than comparable care in the United States because the doctor’s visits are outsourced south of the border.

With health-care costs in the U.S. continuing to rise, many employers in Southern California are turning to insurance plans that send their workers to Mexico for routine care, plans that are growing by nearly 3,000 people a year. And Gonzales, for his part, is happy about it.”

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  • Anonymous

    How will it work when someone wants to sue?

    I am wondering when radiology readings will get outsourced to India.

  • Anonymous

    ER Radiology readings are already being outsourced at night to Australia.

  • Anonymous

    Many radiology groups have used time shifted lifestyles to have their own people read the films. One friend of mine works with a groups that keeps a villa in France. One member of the groups is always there to work regular (France time) days which very nicely covers the night on the west coast. In this way they get full billing by a licensed US physician for all the work and the group’s french home is a business deduction.

    As offshore radiologists willing to work for less get into the system this nice arrangement could pass away.

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