An orthodontist is buying back candy from kids after Halloween. “Every year on that day he gets phone calls from parents whose children have damaged their braces by eating chewy Halloween candy.

So Lawrence came up with a plan to cut down on those calls. He offers the trick-or-treaters $1 a pound for their goodies.

He started this five years ago and says it has been very successful.”

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  • dr john

    This primary care doctor is wistful about a career as an orthodontist.
    An orthodontist could be dead in his chair in the back room for three weeks, and his unaware staff would still make money for him out front.

  • Anonymous

    I hear you. My three kids all have braces right now.

    I am an ER doc. Our waiting room is a sight from middle earth.

    At the orthodontist they burn fragrant incense and I read sports illustrated in a leather chair. The assistants are all hot. The orthodontist works 9-5 4 days a week. Every patient is a paying patient. At check-in there is a sign that says “if you are sick today please rescedule your appointment”

    Man, did I really screw up!!!!!!
    My old man said that I should be an orthodontist more than once and I didn’t listen.

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