A man had to wait more than five hours for a doctor to come to his home to certify his wife’s death from cancer

“It would have been nice to have her for about an hour just to say goodbye but five-and-a-half hours, well, the body starts to go cold and that’s not what anybody wants to remember, especially not my 10-year-old little sister who was with us. It’s not right.”

This scenario is truly not acceptable. Don’t they have nurses who can go out and pronounce?


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  • Anonymous

    yes, it is called hospice. traditional hospice participants will have access to 24 hour nursing, including visits to certify/ pronounce death. in most communities hospice enrollment includes a “precertification of death” that involves an MD signature, such that at the time of death paperwork is minimized and hassle from local law enforcement and/or EMT service is eliminated. the fault in this instance is the failure to have this patient enrolled in hospice ahead of time.

  • Anonymous

    This happened in the UK. Blame it on socialized medicine and the NHS. Not sure how developed their hospice programs are, nor whether nurses can pronounce or not.

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