Medical malpractice initiative gains steam

A case of dueling medical malpractice initiatives – with the lawyer-supported version winning.

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  • Curious JD

    If physicians would just stop carrying the water for their insurers, we would all be better off.

    Wake up. This is the third medical malpractice “crisis” in 30 years. Every one of them corresponds with a downturn in the economy and they are occurring in states that have caps. Missouri, which has had caps since the crisis in the late 80s, lost most of its insurers in this last turn down.

    And before you say “California”, understand that caps did nothing for California. Rates increased 450% between the first crisis in the mid-70s and the next one in the late-80s. That’s when Prop 103 passed, which among other things, required an immediate refund of millions in premiums to physicians.

    The two formerly most distinguished professions in our nation are ripping each other to shreds with horrific stories of malpractice and “outrageous” verdicts. And the only people who win are insurers. And the biggest losers are those with the most grievous injuries as a result of malpractice, particularly the elderly, stay at home moms, and kids.

    Wake up, damnit! We’re killing each other here.

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