Baseless lawsuits

Why is Shadowfax’s physician group settling baseless lawsuits?

What can we do? When you are at Yellowstone, they tell you not to feed the bears because it just encourages them. But that metaphor doesn’t work when the alternative is to let the bear maul you and hope that he won’t get all of your food.

What is more concerning is the lengthy process of the proceedings. Patients who are legitimately injured do not receive timely compensation.

Shadowfax suggests health courts. This can work, but only if the process is streamlined. States like New Hampshire who have a pre-screening panel comprising of doctors and judges cannot find physicians who will testify, further delaying decisions.

No-fault malpractice will work better. Rather than physicians complaining about jackpot awards or misguided lay juries, the debate should be reframed to focus on timely compensation to legitimately injured patients.

The current system does a piss-poor job at that.

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