Legalizing marijuana: What happens if Medicaid starts paying for it?

Dr. Sanjay Gutpa has come out on the side of medical marijuana.   To him, that is a big deal.  Here is a snippet of what he said:

I apologize because I didn’t look hard enough, until now. I didn’t look far enough. I didn’t review papers from smaller labs in other countries doing some remarkable research, and I was too dismissive of the loud chorus of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved on cannabis.

Instead, I lumped them with the high-visibility malingerers, just looking to get high.

I am all for weed in those legitimate cases, as Dr. Gupta would say.  In Maine, where medical marijuana is legal, I never started prescribing it because of who was coming out of the woodwork.

I did have a great example of a patient, however, with chronic pain and scarring from severe hidradenitis supportiva who was seeing a pain doctor and was on narcs for years.   He negotiated a deal with me to see the “weed doctor” and he started a trial, knowing that I would now test him for narcs.

Long story short, he did great on weed and never took painkillers again.  Great story, right?  Well, I am here to tell you and Dr. Gupta that this is a rarity.  I cannot tell you how many suspect patients who started begging me to get a script.  The law allows them two ounces a week which, as Bill Murray from Caddyshack would say, will allow them enough to “smoke the bejesus out of it” and then share or sell a ton more.

In my opinion, over 90% of the people who asked me for it were people/patients whose intentions I did not trust.  Was I wrong?  That depends:

A recent study by Quest Diagnostics suggests that medical marijuana users are no more likely to misuse prescription drugs such as oxycodone than other patient populations. However, recreational marijuana users are more likely to misuse those drugs. The study, “Prescription Medication Misuse in America,” based on an analysis of 227,402 de-identified urine lab-test results of patients on commonly abused prescription medications, shows that 37 percent of medical marijuana users (those taking prescribed cannabinoids as pharmaceutical preparations) misused other non-prescribed drugs, while nearly half of patients who used marijuana recreationally misused prescription medications.

First of all, it is crazy to me that 37% of medical marijuana users are misusing other non-prescribed drugs and this is felt to be equal to the normal population.  But let’s take this study at face value.   My first patient who I described above truly needed weed and was someone I could trust and the study supports that.

The other patients, who I thought were just looking to get a legal excuse to smoke weed, I could not.   They were already recreational users and probably abusing other drugs as well.  I guess the study proves my point.   It is about trust just like when we prescribe narcotics.

So, to summarize, I support medical marijuana but I am not pollyanna about it.  Just because Dr. Gupta had some epiphany about cannibis doesn’t mean there aren’t those out there ready to abuse the hell out of it.  I will stick to my 90% statement.

Now before people get on my case about being a hardass or why not just let them have it or weed never kills anyone and on and on, let me remind you of the next debacle that will occur once you open these flood gates.  Right now, Medicaid isn’t paying for it (and for some funny reason these patients now have cash for it) but there will be a movement to change this.

Lawyers will eventually get this overturned and that is when the fun begins. Then the 90% will turn to 99% because it will be a great new source of income for a ton of people as they sell what they supposedly medically need.  Not only will our taxes be paying for suspect people to use the drug but it will pay for their supply to sell it on the streets.  And this will not change it if is legalized for non-medical use either, by the way, because these same patients will want it for free via a prescription (think about the times they ask for Tylenol scripts).

You may think, so what, we do this already for narcotics.  And I would say, exactly.

Doug Farrago is a family physician who blogs at Authentic Medicine.

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  • Mike S.

    The AMA fully supported the prohibition of alcohol, happy that they would be the sole source for anyone who wanted to get it legally “for medicinal purposes”. They actually wrote prescriptions for it, no one could legally obtain it without a doctor’s say-so, and it was a huge money-spinner.

    Then they lost that power when prohibition (which really, I think we can all accept was a huge mistake) was repealed.

    Now they’re happy for marijuana to be prohibited, with the proviso that they and they alone have the power to decide who gets it.

    What could go wrong?!

    • PCPMD

      I don’t know a single physician who wants to be involved in the medical marijuana quagmire. You can blame your elected representatives for this one my friend….

      • Guest

        I know plenty of physicians who would abuse the hell out of this.

      • Cyndee Malowitz

        I know plenty of physicians who would jump on this bandwagon…anything to make a quick buck.

        • PCPMD

          That there will always be human beings willing to take advantage of a situation isn’t news.

          To suggest that there’s a powerful cabala of doctors so in need of work and patients, that they’ve organized a grassroots effort to re-write legislation to legalize medical marijuana against overwhelming public support …. is a little preposterous.

    • Cyndee Malowitz

      You’re exactly right! Just like all those physician owned pill mills – now they can add marijuana to their arsenal. What a money maker that will be! At least I’ve never heard of anyone overdosing on marijuana.

  • ninguem

    For cryin’ out loud, JUST LEGALIZE IT ALREADY !!!!

    • Cyndee Malowitz

      There are too many people making too much money from it being illegal.

      • EE Smith

        Including the medical establishment, if it’s made “prescription only”.

  • PollyPocket

    I would love to hear Dr. Gupta’s opinion on a number of neurosurgical issues.

    Medical marijuana is not one of them.

  • Cyndee Malowitz

    I know someone who got marijuana “legally” when she lived in California. She was 22 y/o, perfectly healthy and she just wanted to get high. She went to a medical clinic, filled out some paperwork, went into a room for her consultation with the physician. Except the physician was on SKYPE – he asked her a few questions and diagnosed her with arthritis. No exam, no medical records ordered…NOTHING…just another 22 year old with arthritis.

    • PCPMD

      Again, write foolish laws, expect foolish outcomes. Why is anyone surprised?

    • Guest

      Come to California. The free and alternative newspapers are riddled with advertisements for practitioners who will prescribe medicinal marijuana. And, as the author pointed out, even the poorest of the poor somehow find the money for this “medicine”…

  • Guest

    I am reminded of the old Simpsons episode where Homer advocates for legalization of marijuana in Springfield.

    “Whether you have glaucoma, or just rented The Matrix, medicinal marijuana can make things fabulous…medically!”

    I agree with the author. Marijuana by prescription is simply a legal means to get high. It is helpful medically to maybe 0.000000001% of the population. I feel marijuana should be legal, but let’s not pretend it’s got great therapeutic benefit. It’s a drug. It helps a few and hurts many like any drug.

  • katerinahurd

    Please tell me what is the ethical slippery slope that will violate medical ethics and the exercise of the paramount principle to serve the well being of his patient. Is it because of the confusion that a physician will experience when they can not identify a legitimate patient.

  • claygooding

    It doesn’t matter what this person or any other thinks,,it is my body and my mind and I control what goes into my mind including this dribble from a man that wants to control other peoples lives. Someone take his keyboard from him and let him stand on main street and shout,
    We will take marijuana and hemp back from the federal government to use as each individual decides,,not some control freak.with the idea that he knows what is best for anyone but himself.

    • Guest

      You’re not supposed to drink the bong water, bro.

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