Anna Nicole Smith: Aspiration?

Reports that she choked on her own vomit:

According to a credible source, an employee of Anna Nicole Smith found her in her room in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The employee pulled back a sheet and discovered that she appeared to have choked on her own vomit.

The same source claims that Smith took what was referred to as a “children’s sedative,” and had “kept passing out” before her death.

Plausible since narcotics were found in her hotel room.

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  • Anonymous

    Choked on her own vomit? Isn’t that how the Zeppelin drummer died many years ago?

    Well I can’t say I’m too surprised to hear about Anna Nicole Smith passing.

    She appeared to live a pretty troubled life (of her own doing) and now she’s left a little baby girl behind.

    Can you believe the media frenzy over this already? Hours after her death there were reports of news agencies bidding for the rights to the last know film of her (being worked on by the paramedics).

    She sure knew how to use her beauty and boobs to become famous. The Internet is loaded with pictures of Anna Nicole Smith nude. The website (NSFW) has several videos of her .. not really porn, but more glamour and soft-core. Seems like they may be doing some type of “video tribute” or something.

    By the news coverage last night you’d have thought some head-of-state had died! Such is the world we live in today.

  • Anonymous

    What is more interesting is that every dog in the neighborhood with whom she had a romantic tryst is coming out to be in the game for the grand prize. There were originally two men contesting paternity of her baby, now there are three. Any bets where it will top out? The latest contestant sure didn’t appear interested until money was involved.

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