Post Author: Jawaria Suhail, MD

Jawaria Suhail is a family physician and dedicated life coach who specializes in guiding physicians and health care professionals through various challenges, including life, career, business, and divorce. She can be reached at The Nonclincial MD.

Dr. Suhail understands the struggles faced by her clients, having once experienced burnout and exhaustion while juggling a high-stress job and motherhood.

After discovering coaching, her life transformed. Although she values her career as a physician, coaching has become her true calling. Dr. Suhail’s neuroscience-based career coaching offers life-changing benefits such as eliminating limiting beliefs, developing unshakable self-confidence, overcoming procrastination, transforming belief systems, releasing emotional triggers, and mastering mindfulness.

She recognizes the overwhelming nature of divorce, especially when paired with raising children and maintaining a high-stress career. Dr. Suhail aims to provide the emotional support often lacking in legal proceedings. Together, she and her clients tackle burnout, regain control of their lives, and ensure their voices are heard.

Dr. Suhail assists physician moms considering transitions from clinical medicine, those struggling to find other opportunities, or those simply exploring their options. Through her own experiences with burnout, divorce, and personal reinvention, she has learned that mindset is crucial. Dr. Suhail is committed to guiding her clients in prioritizing themselves and thinking outside the box to achieve fulfilling lives.