Post Author: Janet Tamaren, MD

Janet Tamaren, MD

Janet Tamaren is a family physician and author of Yankee Doctor in the Bible Belt: A Memoir. She can be reached at her self-titled site, Dr. Janet Tamaren, and on Twitter @jtamaren.

Dr. Tamaren received her medical degree from the University of Kentucky School of Medicine and did residency training in pediatrics. She worked in family medicine for 25 years. The first 20 years were in rural Kentucky, and Dr. Tamren ran a rural health clinic for ten of those years. The remaining five years were in urgent care and in primary care in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Tamaren is retired since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: The clinic where she practiced at the time shut down. She has spent the time since then writing, seeing grandkids, and traveling. Also reading science fiction about medicine and genetics.

Prior to medical school, she had trained in medical genetics and in molecular genetics, hence the continued interest in the field. Her memoir, Yankee Doctor in the Bible Belt: A Memoir, gives ample coverage to the genetic diseases she came across when treating patients.


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