Post Author: Bernadette Hee, MD

Bernadette Hee, MD

Bernadette Hee is a pulmonary-critical care physician and is the author of Kairn (Mates of the Alliance Book 1). She can be reached on Twitter @MatesofAlliance and Instagram @matesofthealliance.

Dr. Hee has been been a pulmonary-critical care physician for over 20 years. She trained when HIV ran rampant and thought (prayed) she would never see its like again. HIV didn’t come close to the ravages of COVID.

She began writing during the first wave — after losing entire families. Sci-fi for the tech to remedy a catastrophe of global proportions. Romance for the happy endings was rare in this never-ending pandemic.

Writing has become her coping mechanism. More than that: a lifeline (free therapy). Mental health-wise, we all need to find a way to deal with the emotional toll of the ongoing waves of this infernal disease.

Find something that you enjoy and that makes you feel alive. Embrace it. Share it. We all need something to make us smile — a bit of hope in these dark times.

You never know. You may even write a book!